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Instructions for use of multi-sucker corrosion-resistant submerged sewage pump

Date:2022/7/16 22:23:59


Instructions for use of multi-sucker corrosion-resistant submerged sewage pump

1. Inspection and preparation before start-up

1.1 Before starting, the rotor of the pump should be able to rotate flexibly without sticking.

1.2 Check whether the connection of the starter is correct, whether the starter is flexible, whether the contact is good, whether the metal shell of the starter is reliably grounded, and whether the instrument is normal.

1.3 Do not connect the power supply with the switch of the brake knife or the power grid directly. We can equip the automatic pump control cabinet of our company and operate it strictly according to the operation instructions to ensure the normal operation of the pump.

1.4 point start the motor, check the direction of the motor, make it the same as the prescribed rotation direction of the pump; if the direction of rotation is inconsistent, you can exchange the position of any two-phase line in the three-phase line.

1.4.1 Detection method is: point motor, see whether the direction of rotation of motor coupling is consistent with the direction of nameplate, if the direction of rotation is not consistent, can exchange the position of any two-phase line in three-phase line.

1.4.2 If several pumps are connected to a controller, each pump must be inspected separately.

1.5 Pump standard turn to: from the motor end to see the impeller clockwise rotation, strictly prohibit reverse operation.

1.6 Startup level satisfies the minimum startup level given in the contour diagram. When the float switch (or level meter) is used to control the pump automatically, the position of the float switch (or level meter) should be determined according to the inflow of the sewage tank and the drainage of the pump by calculating the maximum number of start-ups per hour of the pump.

1.7 When several motors are powered by a transformer, they can not start at the same time, but should start from large to small one by one.

2. Start-up of multi-sucker corrosion-resistant submerged sewage pump

2.1 Open the switch of various instruments and close the outlet gate valve and pressure gauge cock.

2.2 closing. If the motor does not turn, it should be swiftly and decisively pulled to avoid burning the motor.

2.3 After starting the motor, attention should be paid to observing the voltage and galvanometer of the motor and the line. If there are abnormal phenomena, the machine should be stopped immediately. After finding out the fault and removing it, the switch can be restarted and started.

2.4 Limit the number of motor start-ups continuously: The time interval between two adjacent start-ups is not less than 10 minutes.

2.5 When the pump reaches the normal speed, open the pressure gauge cock. Gradually open the gate valve on the outlet pipe and adjust it to the required working condition. When the gate valve of the outlet pipe is closed, the pump can not work continuously for more than 2 minutes.

3. Inspection in operation

3.1 Do not operate under the condition that the submergence depth of the pump is insufficient to avoid cavitation damage to the pump.

3.2 Continuous operation above 120% of the designed flow rate is not allowed in order to avoid cavitation and motor overpower.

3.3 Continuous operation is not allowed below 30% of the designed flow rate. If continuous operation must be carried out under this condition, bypass pipes should be installed at the outlet and surplus flow should be connected to the pump pit.

3.4 In operation, the temperature rise of motor and pump bearings shall not exceed 35 C, and the maximum temperature shall not exceed 75 C.

3.5 Current monitoring in pump operation: motor current should not exceed nameplate rated current, three-phase current unbalance, no more than 10% in no-load and no more than 5% in mid-load.

3.6 Voltage Monitoring: The deviation between power supply voltage and rated voltage is less than (+5%) and the unbalance of three-phase voltage is less than 1.5%.

3.7 When the pump works, it should run smoothly without abnormal sound and vibration. Otherwise, it should stop the pump immediately, check the cause and eliminate it.

3.8 Check the elastic coupling regularly.

3.9 Periodic check during operation.

4. Stop of multi-sucker corrosion-resistant submerged sewage pump

4.1 Close the pressure gauge cock.

4.2 Close the gate valve on the outlet pipe gradually.

4.3 Cut off the power supply.





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